Why Massage 2-5-0? A play on the Okanagan’s area code reminds us that all clients are part of our health care community. We are constantly striving to provide an inclusive environment that includes treating Paralympians, NHL/WHL players, professional golfers, as well as weekend warriors. Nestled within Kelowna’s business district of Landmark, Massage 250 has extensive experience treating conditions pertaining to office work or simply allows a space for you to put your stress on hold and recharge.

Hours:                          Rates:
M/W/F  9-5                $115/hr RMT
TU/TH  9-630              $80/hr Non-RMT

We ask that you arrive 10 minutes prior to your first appointment to complete our health history intake form. Your first treatment will be 60 minutes in duration with your RMT performing an interview and assessment. Given the provided information, the RMT will discuss with you a treatment plan customized for your specific needs and obtain your consent.

Once your RMT leaves the room you may disrobe to your comfort level. For most treatments we kindly ask that you disrobe to your below the waist undergarment and lie between the top and bottom sheets on the treatment table. The RMT utilizes a technique called ‘draping’ which ensures only one body part is uncovered at a time (as previously consented to) to maintain your modesty. The RMT will knock at your door to confirm they may enter.

After your treatment is complete, your RMT will leave the room giving you an opportunity to dress. Once fully clothed, open the door and the treatment will conclude with your RMT providing an upcoming treatment plan, homecare, and education on specific treatment goals.