We ask that your arrive to your session ten minutes prior to your first appointment to complete our health history intake form. Your first treatment will be sixty minutes in duration with your practitioner performing a verbal health interview and physical assessment. Given the provided information, your practitioner will discuss with you a treatment plan customized to your specific rehabilitation or restoration goals and obtain your consent.

Once your practitioner leaves the room you may disrobe to your comfort level. For most treatments we kindly ask you disrobe to your below the waist undergarments and lie under the top linen on the treatment table. Your practitioner will utilize a technique called draping which ensures only one body is uncovered at a time to maintain your modesty. Before entering your practitioner will knock to ensure you are ready.

After your treatment is complete, your practitioner will leave the room giving you the opportunity to dress. Once fully clothed, you will open the door to signal to your practitioner they may re-enter to conclude your treatment with homecare, education on specific treatment goals and any changes to your treatment plan. Please note, all sixty minute sessions include time dedicated to assessment, disrobing, treatment, redressing and homecare.


Please note some plans listed do not allow for direct billing and this knowledge is the responsibility of the client – RMTs are unable to call private health providers on behalf of clients. In the event you do not have 100% coverage you will be responsible for the amount owing at the time of service. If you feel there is a discrepancy in the amount covered by your private health insurance, we kindly ask you address this with your private insurer.  Other circumstances where you may be required to pay directly include your providers submission portal is down or you have booked with a new RMT who is not yet aligned with your insurers portal. If this occurs, please submit your electronic invoice for reimbursement.

Please note our practitioners only get paid when they deliver treatment. Consequently, missed sessions are costly and prevent us from providing treatment to other clients. Our policy is simple, if you do not show up for your scheduled session and you have not notified us at least 24 hours in advance you will be charged 100% of your session fee. Due to an increasingly long cancellation list we have increased out cancellation fee to 100% to reflect that demand. Without notice, we cannot expect other clients to teleport to our studio without notice. Please note, all clients are automatically signed up for auto-reminders in the form of email reminders that are sent upon confirmation of booking and again receive an email and text reminder 48 prior to your appointment. Should you unsubscribe from these reminders we are relying on you to schedule your calendar accordingly.

NOTE: We do recognize that no one is perfect and circumstances out of our control can occur (sudden illness, family emergencies, etc). Your practitioner may make an exception to the above policy on those rare occasions.