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A post worth reading for consumers and sharing if you’re a small service provider: I am very thankful for so many of my clients having the opportunity to partake in social distancing by working remotely. As some professions like massage therapy are not able to perform this, we see an increase in cancellations for social distancing. I encourage you to attend your appointments only if you feel healthy and comfortable, but we suggest evaluating your appointments week by week. Should you cancel an appointment with myself or any small service based industry, I encourage you to take time to book a future appointment in lieu. Why? This helps ensure that when the health care climate is more predicable small businesses will not be disrupted financially as long. If the time comes and your future appointment leaves you uncomfortable attending feel free to cancel, but if the climate has changed it allows us, the small service providers, to be ready to serve you, get our finances back on track, and help us all return to what is surely to be a new normal, but still, just that, normalcy.
Stay healthy, elbow bumps to all.
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