kelownamassage250, Massage 250

For 12 years I’ve known I wanted to showcase some of the amazing people I get to call clients and tell you about their journey with massage. These wonderful people have spent 24 appointments or a WHOLE DAY on my table to earn this shirt and I’d love for you to hear what their appointments mean to them, in their own words!

Meet Jordan @j_fish09 a local LPN who is helping keep us all healthy in the operating room!
How long have you been getting massaged by Brittany? 10 months

What has been the biggest benefit attending regular massage? Seeking regular massage helps me reduce my lower back and knee pain so that I can stay a functioning person. I dont know what I would do without my regular massage appointments. ❤

If you had to describe your appointments with Brittany in 3 words what would they be? Relaxing, therapeutic and fun.

What’s your favourite part of your massage routine with Brittany? Definitely the scalp massage at the end…I leave with the best afros ever.